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DFW Lao Summer Camp

Our Mission

The purpose of the summer camps is to provide a platform for young Lao-Americans to connect with their cultural heritage, instill a sense of pride and confidence in themselves, and share Lao culture with others while making life-long friends in the process. We develop youth to be leaders of their communities to ensure that our culture lives on for many more generations.

Our Program

During our 8 day summer camp, youth ages 6-18 can learn and become immersed in Lao traditions, culture, music, and dance. We create standardized music education system (notation and teaching techniques), train teachers, directly teach students, and coordinate with master musicians and community leaders. 

Curriculum Highlights

Lao Music Lead by Master from Laos

Lao Dance Lead by Masters from Laos

Learning Lao alphabet and basic phrases

Lao History/Culture

Lao Cooking Classes

Practical Life Skills Workshop

Team Bonding Exercises

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