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Southern Laos Flood Relief Charity Concert 

Dallas Fort Worth

November 16th, 2019

**100% of funds will go directly to the victims.


Recently, tropical storm Podul and tropical depression Kajiki slammed into the southern part of Laos causing one of the worst floodings in decades.
As one of the poorest farming communities in the world, this flooding has devastated the lives of over 572,000 people. Hundreds of schools have closed down, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and over 370,000 acres of farmland lost. Although the flooding has receded, our people still need help, they have lost everything.

This is a grass roots campaign by the DFW Laotian community to bring donations from Texas directly to Laos. We are NOT entrusting the donations to any 3rd Parties. We are partnering with the connection and wisdom of local emergency service teams on the ground, we are raising funds to provide water, food, and medicine to the families affected by this storm.

Trusted members of the DFW community are planning to FLY to Pakse, Laos directly.
We have family in Pakse and a network of volunteers who will help us.
We welcome anyone to join us and come to Laos with us!

Our trustees will be interviewing the appointed governing officials who oversee the affected townships to assess their needs. We will have DFW Lao Heritage, a non-profit organization, as a fiscal sponsor only for the sake of providing Tax-deferred receipts. 

100% of funds will go directly to the victims.

Thank you for caring, we will send your donations from deep in the heart of Texas to the shattered families and communities of Laos with love. We are grateful for your help, please join us!

*please contact me if you are interested in joining us on our mission to Laos* 


© 2018 by DFW Lao Heritage

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